Welcome to my web site!

Every couple of years I hop on here and update things, in the meantime you can find me on…


On rare occasions I also put videos on my YouTube channel for example in spring of 2018 I went to Iceland with my friend Clayton, my favorite video from that trip is HERE.

In January 2018 I went on my first cycle touring trip, 550 miles from Albuquerque to Tucson with my friend Ari, you can read about that trip HERE.

I also have a bunch of old posts on my old blog over HERE, I really should move those posts to this site but until then the old site is a handy back log of outdated stuff which you’re welcome to check out if you’re really bored or need help procrastinating on something.

Instagram has been the main thing since 2019 though, so it’s probably the best way to find me and see my work ( http://instagram.com/simonbeckford )

I like taking pictures…