Thank you!!!

It seems to be a seasonal thing, people think back on their year and all the good things that happened and then they say thank you a lot.  For me it went a little differently…

I often struggle to get out the door when I’m traveling, the leaving process get’s a little messy and I start calling in favors from friends and family.  And it’s amazing to have a community of folks who are willing or even happy to lend me some support as I try and get organized for my adventures, yall are awesome!!!

And then I end up sitting on a bus or a plane or a train and thinking back on all the support I’ve gotten that’s brought me to that moment…the first backpacking stove that my dad and I bought for our very first backpacking trip has lasted me ten years of heavy use including three months in the UK burning petrol which it definitely wasn’t designed to do…the tent I’m bringing on my first cycle touring trip that was also used on that first backpacking trip, the big yellow duffel bag my uncle gave me after he moved, the socks I’ve gotten as gifts, the old camera lens from my uncle who passed away, the food friends gave me before I left, the friend we met on the road who helped wheel our bikes around,  the friend of a friend who picked us up at the train station and let us sleep over, the many people we have yet to meet on this trip.

Every adventure I’ve been on has been a collaborative effort, fueled by friends and family and the friends and family who supported the earlier trips that led to the later trips…and all the strangers along the way who have given me food or a place to stay or helped me get my bike on a train.

And then of course the countless people I’ve traveled with, shared the ups and downs with, you all fucking rock and you know who you are 🙂

It’s been a collaboration all the way.

And here I am, still going on wild adventures, still shaking things up in life, and it feels silly to receive all this support and then say thank you in a little random blog post that most of you will never read…and all the same, thank you!