After my first day of cycle touring ever, I got to say it hasn’t been as hard as I expected.  It’s actually pretty awesome 🙂  Granted it was mostly flat or gentile down hill, and it was paved, and we aren’t needing to carry much food or water yet…yes yes I know it will kick by butt…and even after today I’m super tired…but so far so good 🙂

At the moment we’re staying with some truly amazing Warm Showers folks (a web site and world wide community dedicated to hosting people who are cycle touring) and in a truly beautiful and wild part of the Rio Grand valley, a landscape that’s all very new to me.  Sandhill Cranes and people burning their yards, I love new things in new places 🙂

All that said, I’m pretty tired…I’m actually surprised I’m writing this 🙂  Got some good pictures and video and audio as well.  At least the video probably wont be available till Feb/March, but I’m happy to be taking it and looking forward to sharing it when the time comes.

That’s it for now, will keep posting me as time and wifi allow.

Cheers!  Simon