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Okay…time.  I’ve been rocking the same $20 watch for, I don’t know, a thousand years?  More?  I honestly don’t remember.  And by “same” I mean the same general design…I’ve been through, I don’t know, ten of these things over the years?  At least?  They made them super big for a few years, but it’s always the same really.  Time, date, stopwatch, alarm.

I usually break the wrist bands.  I try and tape them for a while, but then eventually the band is such a mess of medical tape and gorilla tape and it’s still falling apart and it get’s all sticky and I just can’t deal… Continue reading

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

It seems to be a seasonal thing, people think back on their year and all the good things that happened and then they say thank you a lot.  For me it went a little differently… Continue reading

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