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Okay…time.  I’ve been rocking the same $20 watch for, I don’t know, a thousand years?  More?  I honestly don’t remember.  And by “same” I mean the same general design…I’ve been through, I don’t know, ten of these things over the years?  At least?  They made them super big for a few years, but it’s always the same really.  Time, date, stopwatch, alarm.

I usually break the wrist bands.  I try and tape them for a while, but then eventually the band is such a mess of medical tape and gorilla tape and it’s still falling apart and it get’s all sticky and I just can’t deal… Continue reading

CSW 2018 Video Ep3

Two weeks ago (it feels like two months) our train rolled into Boston, more or less concluding our crazy and amazing bicycle adventure.  And the third video update can now be found on YouTube:

Now the real fun begins…500GB of photos and videos shot on three cameras over four weeks.  I honestly don’t expect this to become anything truly amazing, I’m not planning to enter it in film festivals around the world and gain fame and fortune…but I’m really excited about it all the same!  I’m excited to go through the motions of putting a film together, making it the best little film I can, and sharing it with you all 🙂

Stay tuned for more info, and expect it some time around the beginning of April.

That’s all for now…catching up on sleep and enjoying settling into a place for a little while.  It’s been a long while!

Cheers, Simon

And now for something completely different…

NOTE: in order to like, subscribe, or comment you actually need to watch this video on YouTube.  Follow the link here:


After some issues with the comments and subscription parts of this blog I’ve decided to toss in some YouTube videos and see what happens.  I’m not really set up to do this on the road, but I’m giving it a shot anyway, and would love your thoughts!

Check out the video, like or subscribe if you want to see more, and if you have a questions about the trip leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer everything in the next video.

And lastly…I’m still planning to keep blogging here as well, so keep your eyes out for the next post 🙂

Cheers, Simon

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